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Local Farm Stands on Wheels

Making it easy and fun to share our produce with Mississippi

Choctaw Fresh Produce’s Mobile Markets are farm-stands-on-wheels that distribute local, sustainably produced food to communities in the Central, MS area.

The mission of CFP’s Mobile Market is to improve access to healthy, affordable food regardless of where you live or how much you earn. The Market does this by operating scheduled stops local communities; offering high quality, locally grown, organic, sustainably produced farm products at affordable prices; and providing educational resources for how to prepare the market’s offerings in nutritious, cost-effective, delicious, and easy ways.


We provide recipes and cooking demonstrations of easy ways to prepare fresh food, and provide resources for getting healthy, affordable food in the Central, MS area. The Mobile Market also makes educational visits to schools to teach students about where food comes from, healthy eating, and the local food system. For information about our Mobile Market school visits, including how to schedule a visit, please visit our Contact Us page and make a request.

Community Engagement

We work with local neighborhood and association groups, institutions, and other established nonprofit organizations to conduct outreach and garner community support.

We believe that access to sustainably grown food is a right for everyone, regardless of income or residency. In Central MS area, many residents are considered low-income, many of whom live in “food deserts” with few nutritious, affordable food options. Low-incomes and inadequate access to healthy food are associated with higher rates of diet-related diseases. Research shows that better access to wholesome foods, coupled with comprehensive nutrition education, fosters healthy habits that lead to lower obesity rates. To that effect, Choctaw Fresh Produce’s Mobile Market is establishing a more equitable system of distributing food and nutrition education in our community.

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