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Needing some freshness in your day?

Markets making it easy.

Imagine having a farmers’ market set up where you work. On your way home you get to drop by and select from a vibrant variety of amazing flavors and incredible organic freshness.

That’s the thinking behind Choctaw Fresh Produce’s Po-up Markets. A pop-up farmers’ market created to feed the thousands of city neighbors who are living in food deserts.

Living in a food desert means your nearest grocery store is more than a quarter mile away and sometimes we don’t have the time to make the drive. With our Pop-Up markets, fresh produce is available in the lobby or break room where you work so a quick back of produce is super convenient.

We believe that access to sustainably grown food is a right for everyone. Inadequate access to healthy food is associated with higher rates of diet-related diseases. Research shows that better access to wholesome foods, coupled with comprehensive nutrition education, fosters healthy habits that lead to lower obesity rates. To that effect, Choctaw Fresh Produce’s Pop-up markets are establishing a more equitable system of distributing food and nutrition education in our community.

Want to learn more about our Pop-Up Markets? Contact us to get a location schedule or to schedule your own!

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